This App Uses Boob Selfies To Find Your Perfect Bra Size And It Just Might Be Brilliant

Sick of those bra “fit specialists” at the department store trying to measure your boobs every time you walk into the dressing room? The app ThirdLove will help you find your bra size at home, by yourself, using selfies! Stemming from the online bra store of the same name, the app asks that users take a mirror selfie in a tight-fitting tank top, with their iPhone in view in the picture. The system then uses image recognition to measure your chest size with your iPhone as the frame of reference, like a virtual ruler.

Apparently, the whole process takes about five minutes and finds your exact size, which can include half-cup sizes that are exclusive to the ThirdLove online store (but let’s be real, plenty of other bra companies have created half-cups before). The bras are cute, customizable and practically guaranteed to arrive as a perfect fit. The company offers free returns and exchanges, which makes me more likely to try it out.

I’m thinking this just might be the next great hope in making womankind’s existence that much easier. This system has 7 patents, so I’m thinking I’ll give it a shot. Has anyone tried it before? [Women You Should Know, ThirdLove]