Skittles As Birth Control? Here Are The Craziest Misconceptions Kids Have In Sex Ed

Today, Reddit asked sex ed teachers about the weirdest misconceptions they’ve had to clear up among their students. Uh oh, do we really want to know? Just as we suspected, lots of young people are really uninformed. Like, eating Skittles and doing sit-ups to prevent pregnancy uninformed. Abstinence-only policies can do that to a kid. Read it and weep (while falling over laughing).


My sister is a Sex Ed teacher. Apparently a belief that more than a few students have is that yellow skittles can act as birth control.


So I had one girl who honestly believed that she couldn’t get pregnant if she didn’t have an orgasm. Had one boy who thought humans basically stopped growing pubic hair in the 1980’s.


I used to go to a really religious school. The girls there believed that no one actually enjoys sex, it’s just the media telling you you do.


A friend of mine, who was very religious, up to 8th grade actually thought God has sex with every woman to get them pregnant and that was good blessing. EDIT: He was told by his parents that children were God’s blessings. When he learnt about sex from my group of friends, he had “the talk.” with his dad, his mind was confused and he finally ended with the above theory.


Like most, not a teacher or whatever. But I know of a girl who didn’t know “where” babies came from. This was a friend of mine’s cousin who was pregnant but her mum had always had C-Sections with her kids. So when she was told about the “natural method of birthing a child”… she freaked.

“Well it comes out… the same way it went in.” “YOU’VE GOT TO BE JOKING!”

How can a woman get to a stage in her life where she’s PREGNANT and doesn’t know?!


My roommate freshman year of college had no idea that women could orgasm (it wasn’t a religious university, but the girl had had an exclusively religious education prior). This came out during a discussion about a ‘screamer’ down the hall, when my roommate genuinely had no idea why a woman would be enjoying sex.


I’m a teacher, but not a sex-ed teacher. My state is abstinence-only education and so most of the sex-ed is limited at best…Anyway, one of my students was convinced that if you jumped up and down after you had sex you wouldn’t get pregnant. Without using any words that make me blush, I told her unequivocally that she was wrong and not to try that at home. Then another student raised her hand and essentially asked about the pull-out method (she didn’t know the terminology) and I told her, again, that was not a real reliable method especially with teenage boys. Then a third student asked about having sex when you are not ovulating (she actually asked, “What about having sex during some parts of the month and not others”) I explained that teenage girls may or may not have a real reliable menstrual cycle and being even a day off of the rhythm method could result in pregnancy. Finally, after towing the company line (the only fool-proof method is abstinence, and in the absence of abstinence – take care of yourself) a girl in my class sighs and said, “Well, I will just keep doing situps after sex.”


I’m not a health ed teacher, but back in eighth grade I saw a girl crying in the ladies room. I walked over and asked her what was wrong, and she told me that she was bleeding down there and she legitimately thought that she had internal damage and was dying.


…my sister in law until she was 16 thought that sex meant you layed side by side and the sperm crawled out of the guys belly button and into the girls belly button.


…”Will Plan B work faster if you snort it?” Good times…