10 Reasons To Start Watching “Bates Motel” If You’re Not Already (In GIFs!)

Last night was the season two premiere of “Bates Motel,” which has easily become one of the best TV shows I ever got sucked into. Before the first season even started, someone over at A&E mailed me the first four episodes to screen, which I watched all in one night. I then had to wait another month until I could watch the new episodes, but when I did, they were AMAZING. Equal parts creepy and endearing, the show is a contemporary prequel to the horror flick “Psycho,” and reveals the backstory of murderer Norman Bates.

If you’re not already watching “Bates Motel,” here are 10 reasons you should start (in GIFs)…

1. Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) is sweet and dorky in a way that makes you want to give him a hug and send him off with a note that says “Keep your head up.”
He’s shy, unsure of himself and very boy-next-door, which makes it really hard for you to hate him when he starts killing people.

2. Despite the fact that he’s got some screws loose, Norman falls in love just like the rest of us. You’ll see unreciprocated love, forbidden love, sex, and all of the good, heart-shattering stuff psychopathic killers are made of.

3. Max Thieriot, who plays Dylan, Norman’s brother, is very easy on the eyes. When something scary happens, he’ll show up and make you forget why you were afraid in the first place.

4. If you have mommy or daddy issues, Norma and Norman’s relationship will make you feel a hell of a lot better about your own situation.

5. The coolest part about the show is getting inside of Norman’s head, which is, believe it or not, filled with some seriously philosophical shit.

6. It teaches us the value of teamwork.

7. Vera Farmiga is TRUTH in this show. Seriously… perfection.

8. You won’t be able to shake off this week’s episode until you see next week’s. Then the one after that, and the one after that. It’s addictive.

9. Freddie Highmore played Charlie Bucket in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” Who doesn’t want to see the kid with the golden ticket become a serial killer?

10. You think you do, but you never know what’s going to happen.

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