The Daily Squee: Bao Bao The Baby Panda Does Cute Things With Her Nose

Big news, everyone: I have a new panda coin purse and I will show it to you in the next What Are We Wearing Today? as I flaunt all of my money. (Spoiler: I have no money.) Until then you’ll have to content yourself with this new Instagram video of Bao Bao, the new baby panda at the Washington, D.C. zoo. Bao Bao is doing “target training,” where she follows the ball and pokes it with her nose in order to get a treat. The zoo explained that this isn’t a trick, per se, but rather a skill that Bao Bao learns as a cub so that zookeeepers can employ it when she needs to visit a doctor. I think we can all agree that when it comes to doing cute things with her nose, Bao Bao is an expert. []