Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Read My Boyfriend Barfed In My Handbag, Listen To Beck’s Morning Phase & Watch The Academy Awards!

Activities are wonderful, but sometimes, it’s fine to want to shut the world out for a couple of days, and make some serious time for you. Don’t be afraid of FOMO, either. There will always be another party, another pub crawl, another picnic. The time you’ll spend indulging in the things you want to do, alone, are well worth it. Here’s a handy list of awesome things to do this weekend!


  • Besides the paleo stuff (which just made me crave a croissant, which I then ate) I found this advice on how to reduce the day-to-day insanity of our modern lives really insightful and inspiring. – Winona
  • It’s somehow March already, which sucks because time has flown, BUT is awesome because renowned astrologist Susan Miller, who’s pretty damn accurate IMHO, has released all of our March horoscopes over at Astrology Zone. Fingers crossed for a good month ahead! – Katie
  • I am going to read this New York Times Book Review piece about Lorrie Moore’s Bark, which I started reading this week. – Ami
  • I can’t wait to finishing the newly released Cress (The Lunar Chronicles) because sometimes I read books for 13-year-olds. – Sophie
  • I’m reading My Boyfriend Barfed In My Handbag … And Other Things You Can’t Ask Martha by Deadspin and Jezebel columnist Jolie Kerr (formerly of The Hairpin’s “Ask A Clean Person” column). One of the gross chores she explains how to do is clean sticky gunk from the inside of your microwave. Sounds like it could be a fun weekend activity or at least one that makes my microwave look less disgusting. – Jessica
  • Ever since I read this piece about ayahuasca, a medicinal hallucinogen from the Amazon, in Marie Claire, which was essentially an endorsement, I’ve been obsessed with researching everything I can about it. – Amelia


  • The Academy Awards are this Sunday! Join me as I live tweet all of the Oscar shenanigans from 7 p.m. EST to 11:30 p.m. EST for @TheFrisky, and use the hashtag #SpinOscars to get in on the action. ::cross fingers for epic JLaw moment:: – Katie
  • I saw “The Monuments Men” this weekend, half expecting it to be interesting and half expecting it to be boring. I got the interesting part right and the boring part wrong. If you appreciate art, culture and history, you should definitely go see it. It was entertaining, moving, educational and pretty damn funny at parts. And it never hurts to see Clooney and Damon… – Katie


  • I usually steer clear of anything created by famous Scientologists, mostly because I know that they donate a lot of their money to the Church, which I believe to be extremely corrupt and abusive. The good news is, most famous Scientologists don’t make anything of tremendous quality. I mean, it was not difficult to avoid watching “King of Queens” (starring now former Scientologist Lea Remini) for years. One notable exception to this rule is Beck, whose music can be really quite catchy and delightful, though up until now, I wouldn’t crow about it. But Beck’s new acoustic album, Morning Phaseis wonderful and genuinely not to be missed despite the possibility of there being some Hubbard-influenced secret messaging therein. It’s lush and kind of melancholy and really just the perfect album to listen to on a lazy weekend day. – Amelia
  • I’m going to listen the shit out of this remix of Ellie Goulding’s song “Hanging On.” (P.S. I have Ellie Goulding tickets for March 13th — count down the days with me!) – Jessica
  • Two new bands I’m checking out, recommended to the people at Spin, who happen to work down the hall: The Orwells and Cloud Nothings– Ami


  • If you don’t want to come over and make a dinosaur tray with me and then eat cookies off of it then I don’t want to be your friend. – Winona
  • Waffles with Southern Comfort praline sauce? Yes, please! – Winona
  • I entertained a male friend last weekend who looooooves pulled pork, so I decided to use my handy slow cooker to make some. I found the easiest recipe ever (it literally involves three ingredients): pork, root beer and BBQ sauce. You plop the pork in the slow cooker, pour root beer over it, let it sit for seven hours and smother it in Sweet Baby Ray’s. SO GOOD. – Katie
  • Pro Designer and Entertainer Mark Addison has created signature cocktails to represent each of his favorite Best Picture nominees for the Oscars, and I have a feeling I’ll be sipping on an Alabama Tuk Kolok (his “Captain Phillips” drink) come Sunday. Check out some of the other fun nominee cocktails here. – Katie
  • I ate some kale chips for lunch and THEY COST SEVEN DOLLARS. However, they were yummy. So now I’m in a conundrum. I think it might try making these kale chips myself– Jessica


  • This brutal winter weather have made my hair/scalp HORRIFICALLY dry, so I’m in crisis save-my-suffering-hair mode. I did an apple cider vinegar rinse earlier this week (highly recommended!), and I’m going to try this DIY coconut oil and honey hair mask this weekend. – Winona
  • Oh! And here are 10 more DIY treatments for dry skin and hair. I wouldn’t be surprised if I try all of them before Mondaymorning rolls around. – Winona