BroApp Will Text Your Girlfriend So You Can Have More Bro Time

BroApp, the android app created by two, 29-year-old Aussie bros Tom and James, is being billed as  “a clever relationship wingman” that pre-programs and sends text messages to girlfriends so that guys “can spend more time with the Bros.” Because those extra two minutes of time spent lifting, gaming or hanging with the bros are absolutely CRUCIAL.

Clever? Not so much. Real talk dudes: if you’re not motivated enough or don’t have the time to text “Good morning, sweet pea” to your girlfriend, it’s time for a breakup. (And please, don’t call us “sweet pea.” EVER.) More real talk: even though Tom and James, claim they tested a demoBroApp on their girlfriends who remarkably had no idea the texts were canned, I think it’s safe to say that any woman of modest intelligence will figure that shit out. More worthwhile than spending $1.99 to get BroApp? Reading what Tom and James “learnt” while building it. [Daily Mail UK]