Beauty Test Drive: Benefit Bigger Than BB Big Easy Foundation

Jessica and I are the office powder foundation enthusiasts, so when she received Benefit’s Bigger Than BB Big Easy Liquid-to-Powder foundation she quickly handed me a sample.  Let me start by stating, I haven’t worn liquid foundation regularly in over eight years. Just the idea of liquid foundation makes my face scrunch up, but I have to agree with Jessica — I was pleasantly surprised.

Price/Availability: $38, Benefit

Formula: Benefit’s Big Easy Liquid-to-Powder foundation is an oil-free, multi-balancing complexion perfector. Meaning, the foundation is not only oil-free, but helps control oil throughout the day.

Application: As someone who does not wear liquid foundation, I applied tiny dots one at a time, afraid I was using too much. In reality, it takes a good quarters worth to cover one’s face. The foundation smoothed across my bare skin and complimented my under eye concealer. The foundation dries quickly without leaving that moist feeling I associate with liquid foundation. In addition, this foundation is combatable with powder and cream blush.

Beauty Test Drive Benefit Big Easy Foundation

Wear-ability:  I found this foundation to last as long, if not longer, than my powder foundation. Jessica, on the other hand, experienced foundation transferred on her hands and clothes throughout the day.

I often feel oily around 4 p.m. and reach for a blotting cloth before my What Are We Wearing Today photo. This product may have reduced the amount of oil found on my face by 4 p.m., but didn’t eradicate it.

Overall: This liquid foundation really does wear like a powder. If you’re looking for a lightweight liquid foundation, tempted to switch from powder foundation, or don’t wear makeup often, the Big Easy is a great choice. It is easy to apply, offers SPF pretention, evens the complexion and lasts all day. Jessica has already been converted to a daily user!

Rating: 4/5