Life Dream Status: Someone Invented Dishes That Wash Themselves

If only Swedish design studio, Tomorrow Machine, had invented these self-washing dishes 15 years ago, I would have saved myself so many fights with roommates and boyfriends over my lack of enthusiasm for dish washing. Give me beds to make, laundry to do, trash to take out and I will click my heels together at the chance to be of service. But dirty dishes fill me with rage. And should I muster up the courage to scrub-a-dub, my roommate will tell you that I do a piss poor job. Read: stray food chunks. Hence, I need these dishes of the future, that require none of my passive-agressive elbow grease. I don’t quite understand how they work, but does it matter? Something about them being made of cellulose and resist all dirt and debris so they never need to be washed. As an added bonus, they don’t break when dropped. Klutzes holler! Tell me where to buy a set NOW. [Buzzfeed]