James Franco Salami On White & 3 Other Celeb Sandwiches Coming Soon To A Deli Near You

In 1931, Winston Churchill predicted a future in which all the world’s meat would be grown in labs. But he never predicted they would be grown from celebrity tissue samples. Bitelab.org, a company that grows artisanal salami from tissue samples, wants us all to eat more celebrity meat. They have been hard at work developing the technology to create high-quality charcuterie from your favorite celebrities’ DNA. All it takes is a quick biopsy of, say, James Franco. In a process by which they isolate stem cells, they grow cultures into in-vitro meats, which can be dry aged and spiced into the finest sandwich stuffers.

While no celebrity charcuterie is available for consumption at the moment, all we have to do is bug James via Twitter to give over his cells and Bitelab.org can get started on creating the Franco Salami you’ve always dreamed of eating. Until we can get him — or Kanye West, Jennifer Lawrence or Ellen DeGeneres to agree to be made into fine meats, here are some ideas for their signature sandwiches, inspired by the Bitelab.org description of each celeb salami blend. Yummy! [First We Feast]