Spain Is Close To Banning Abortion

  • Spain is close to banning all abortions, except in the case of rape or severe risk to the mother’s health. [NPR]
  • A federal judge ruled that Kentucky must acknowledge same-sex marriages performed in other states. (KY has yet to address a lawsuit asking the state to issue same-sex marriage licenses.) [New York Times]
  • ABC’s new sitcom “Mixology” is apparently filled with crude jokes about rape, “whores,” and violence against women. Sounds like quality programming, Walt Disney Company. Family values indeed! [Hollywood Reporter]
  • On how the benefits of breastfeeding have been somewhat overstated. [Slate]
  • The United States has banned issuing visas to anyone who perpetuated or ordered sexual violence in conflict zones. [BuzzFeed] 
  • This submissive woman was assaulted by her dom. So scary that people like this exist. (This is my own story about abuse within kink, if you’re interested.) [xoJane]
  • Here’s a story about how New York City’s newly enacted Pregnant Workers Fairness Act directly helped a pregnant woman who was placed on unpaid leave by her job, even with a doctor’s note saying her work would put her at risk. [Think Progress]
  • Google has vowed to make who is depicted in GoogleDoodles more balanced in terms of gender and race. [Jezebel]
  • A new video shows the abuse of female day laborers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. [Gothamist]
  • On reconciling Catholic faith with a belief in reproductive justice. [Choice USA]
  • Meet Arielle Scott (also called Ari Fitz), an androgynous lesbian of color who appears on this season of MTV’s “The Real World: Ex-Plosion.” [Queerty, East Bay Express]

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