Funny Girl Sex Guide: Types Of Travel Sex (Part 1!)

I’m single which means that, in theory, each day presents the opportunity to get laid by someone new. I don’t usually take advantage of this perk of being single in my every day life, mostly because I’ve deemed the New York City’s entire male population to be unfuckable. I am, however, much, much, much more open to the possibility of hooking up when I’m traveling. Plus, it’s basically a fact that being an out-of-towner has a certain appeal to local dudes who are terrified of any possibility of commitment. Basically, my rolling suitcase and obvious lack of knowledge about local traffic laws have proven to be massive turn-ons. In part one of this episode of Funny Girl Sex Guide, I reveal some types of travel hookups that you’re likely to experience at some point in your life, with examples from my own.

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