Four-Year-Old And Her Mom Flawlessly Recreate Red Carpet Dresses … With Construction Paper

See that little girl rocking a flawless — if slightly more crinkly — recreation of Lupita Nyong’o’s Golden Globes dress? She’s known as Mayhem (coolest nickname ever? I think so), and she’s become something of an Instagram fashion icon for the amazing construction paper couture she and her mom, Angie, make together. Before the two started tackling red carpet gowns, they were making colorful dresses out of scraps of construction paper based on whatever fashion whim Mayhem had that day. Here are a few of them:

Mayhem Construction Paper Dresses

Soon, though, Mayhem and her mom had started looking to Hollywood for inspiration. “I’ll Google images the day after award shows,” said Angie in an interview with Huffington Post, “so she can see the dresses worn on the red carpet and pick which ones she wants to make.” In addition to Lupita’s caped dress, Mayhem has rocked paper recreations of styles worn by Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift:

Amazing, right?!  And these paper masterpieces aren’t all Angie’s doing. Not by a long shot. “Mayhem constructs a lot more than most people would probably believe,” says Angie. “That’s one of the best things about this project, I see her learning new skills every single day.”

You can follow all of Mayhem’s fashion adventures on Angie’s Instagram feed, and their wesbite, #FashionbyMayhem. And just in case there are any other 4-year-olds out there hoping to win season 28 of Project Runway, you might want to just give up now. Mayhem has totally got this.