This Singing Uterus Will Teach You About The Joys Of Menopause

I really don’t know whether to laugh or cry after watching a singing uterus school me about my reproductive future. Women’s menopause health and wellness awareness advocate, Ellen Dolgen, joined forces with comedian Rachel Bloom (who stars as the uterus) and songwriter Jack Dolgen to send women in their 30’s into an anxiety spiral bring a taboo subject to the forefront of discussion. 

“Every woman will encounter symptoms of menopause in one way or another, whether they suffer with hot flashes, mood swings, feminine dryness, sleeplessness, incontinence or any number of other issues brought on by decreased estrogen levels, or following surgery, hysterectomy, or cancer treatment.  The symptoms can be overwhelming at times, but if woman are educated and prepared they can get the support they need and find solutions that are right for them,” says Ellen Dolgen.

That’s nice that she thought to warn me, but I’ve already lost 90 percent of my eggs and am five years too late for my baseline fertility tests. Really, though, it was the clitoris’ solo that horrified me the most. Headaches, insomnia, memory loss, whiskers on my chin, PMS squared and vaginal atrophy? What’s the point of living? Perimenopause, (not Peri Gilpin), leave me in peace!! [YouTube]