Kristen Bell Loves NPR And “The Big Lebowski” Just Like The Rest Of Us!

Kristen Bell has awesome taste, though I think we all knew that already somewhere in our heart of hearts. In gearing up for the release of the “Veronica Mars” film, which I am oh so excited for, Kristen spoke with New York magazine about what inspires and influences her. She had some wise words to share about some of the finer things in life.

On “This American Life”:

Ira Glass proves that you don’t have to unroll the most salacious details immediately—as so much modern journalism does—or beg for your audience to listen. You can slowly captivate them.

Also, his voice is incredibly sexy, but that’s neither here nor there.

On “The Big Lebowski”:

It’s one of [Veronica Mars creator] Rob Thomas’s and my favorite movies, and that’s why there were so many references on the show. It’s a practically perfect comedy.

“Fuck it dude, let’s go bowling” is a choice mantra for whenever life gets too heavy.

On green tea:

The hours on this production were grueling, and without caffeine, I’m a useless hunk of lunch meat. Green tea is a necessity! Pretty much any type. I buy it in bulk from Costco—favorite store on the planet. I don’t drink, I don’t have any other vices, so I allow myself this one.

I love that she’ll buy Costco tea like the rest of us, and I so admire that a heavy dose of caffeine to her is green tea. It gives us espresso addicts some sense of reform to aspire to.

On “Waiting for Guffman”:

The best comedy ever made. Nothing is funnier to me than when actors talk about themselves. There are many times that I’m talking with another actor about the industry, and all I’m picturing is Corky St. Clair: “Fresh off a destroyer with a dance belt and a tube of Chapstick.”

This is how I am convinced that Kristen is my soul sister. Corky St. Clair is everything. If she loves this movie, she also clearly doesn’t take herself too seriously, which is awesome.

On eating quality food:

If I’m not eating well, I’m not interested in work or anything else. Some of my best breakthroughs take place over a meal. Not to be too cliché, but I really like California food. I love the kale smoothie of it all, where everything is fresh, everything is out of the garden, everything grows here. In my backyard, I have a fig tree, a lemon tree, a tangerine tree, a plum tree, an apple tree, and an apricot tree.

For those of us trying hard to eat well and getting frustrated by the hassle and price of it all, Kristen is a beacon of smoothie-guzzling hope. Can I be Kristen Bell when I grow up? For real. []