35 Milestones Of Female Friendship

Taylor Swift and Lorde have been spending quite a bit of time together — shopping, frolicking barefoot on the beach, wearing matching outfits — prompting many onlookers (including us) to refer to them as BFFs. But let’s be honest: as any BFF-havin’ lady knows, wearing matching outfits is only, like, level 3 out of 300 when it comes to a true best friendship. As a female friendship blossoms, the milestones come flying in fast. Some are fun and some are gut-wrenching — the first time you make a joke that makes your friend laugh so hard she farts; the first time you get crushes on the same guy; the first time you come up with dorky nicknames for each other; the first time you get in a fight that’s not instantly fixable. Should T-Swift and Lorde to make a real go of it, here are some BFF firsts they have to look forward to.

1. The first time she pees in front of you.

2. The first time she calls you instead of texting and you actually answer (even though you hate talking on the phone).

3. The first time you drunk cry together.

4. The first time you tell her something you’ve literally never told anyone else.

5. The first time you comfort her when one of her parents dies.

6. The first time you let her pop that zit on your back.

7. The first time you help her wax/tweeze a hard-to-reach area.

8. The first time she asks your opinion on her pubes.

9. The first time you play wingwoman for each other.

10. The first time you’re able to look at each other and just know what the other one is thinking.

11. The first time you borrow a pair of her socks or underwear.

12. The first time you sit through a family dinner with her.

13. The first time you both feud with a third friend or acquaintance and come out feeling closer.

14. The first time you get a period stain on her couch. Oops.

15. The first time she opens one of your drawers looking for moisturizer and find your vibrators.

16. The first time one of you says something really mean to the other.

17. The first time you don’t talk for six months.

18. The first time she comes out to you.

19. The first time you like the same guy and have to talk about how to proceed.

20. The first dorky nickname that sticks.

21. The first text conversation that is communicated entirely in emojis.

22. The first time you stand up for the other one in their absence, when a mutual friend is talking shit.

23. The first time you ask her if you can buy the same shoes she has.

24. The first time you have to confront her about how she acted last night.

25. The first time one of you goes through a breakup and has to sleep on the other’s couch for a few weeks.

26. The first time you let each other down.

27. The first time you start a sentence with “I think this has to do with your issues with your mother.”

28. The first time you cuddle because you’re cold/lonely/watching a scary movie.

29. The first time one of you gets jealous of the other’s new friend.

30. The first time one of you is single and one of you is in love.

31. The first time one of you moves away.

32. The first time she admits that she hates the person you’re dating.

33. The first time you realize you use all the same slang words…at all the same times.

34. The first time you really don’t approve of one of her life choices.

35. The first time you realize your friendship has changed drastically, for the worse or better or just … different.

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