In Case You Were Wondering, Pit Bulls Look Adorable In A Photo Booth

Meet Bumper and Willis, two rescue pit bulls, take nicely to photo booths. When they sat in from of photographer Lynn Terry’s camera, they knew exactly how to pose.

Bumper, the pup on the right, “came from a not-so-great area of St. Louis,” and a “gentleman tried to fight her … [but s]he wouldn’t engage,” according to owners Jason and Kelly Garrison, who found her at a local pit bull rescue. Willis, her companion in the photo, joined the Garrison family as a foster pet, but soon became a permanent member of the home. Willis’ mother was pregnant with him when she was rescued from a 500-dog fighting ring in 2009, and he was born about two weeks later.

Terry is no stranger to photographing animal. But she particularly loves working with pit bulls because “they are the underdog and I want to do what I can to change public opinion about the breed.” According to Terry, pit bulls also have a tendency to “make some of the best faces” – Willis and Bumper sure make that clear!

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[Lynn Terry Photography]

[Image by Lynn Terry]