A (Secret) Oscar Voter Shares What Goes On Behind The Scenes

I haven’t put much stock in the Academy Awards since Michael Fassbender didn’t even get nominated for “Shame.” (Yes, I’m still mad about it.) But some people live and die by the Oscars and all the behind-the-scenes jockeying for awards that goes with it. Fearless reporter Michael Musto scrounged up one of the nearly 6,000 Oscar voters and interrogated him (or her) about what to expect for the 2014 nominees. Here’s what we learned:

  • This voter (and apparently others) won’t factor in Woody Allen’s personal life, or Cate Blanchett’s appearance in his film (she’s up for Best Actress for “Blue Jasmine”) when it comes to Oscar voting. Their primary focus is whether the script or performance is good, original and most importantly, better than the others.
  • That doesn’t mean, however, that people like Woody Allen. He is, apparently, “the most unpleasant person to work for.”
  • Also a jerk? Hugh Jackman. Who knew?
  • Very nice, though? Robert Redford.
  • “12 Years A Slave” may not win for Best Original Screenplay because some voters will find all the torture and violence in it too difficult to watch all the way through.
  • Promotional lunches and meet-and-greets don’t sway voters. Unless a celeb there is a jerk, like Hugh Jackman.

The whole thing seems like a strange subculture that few of us get more than a small peek inside of. (And props to the interviewee for not being dishier about which celebs are assholes. This person clearly views film as Art with a capital-A.)  I encourage you to read it in full at The Daily Beast (and see if his or her top picks gel up with yours).

[The Daily Beast]

[Image of Oscar statuettes via Shutterstock]