The Gift Bags For Oscar Losers Include A Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment & A Lifetime Supply Of Maple Syrup

Just because the gift bags for the losing Oscar nominees are valued at $80,000 doesn’t mean that they’re filled to the hilt with exciting goodies. As if losing the most coveted-award in the industry isn’t enough, nominees will have to find a way to deal with the consolation prizes, some of which border on insulting.

The resort stays and the $15,000 walking tour of Japan will be enjoyable I’m sure. The pet products and home spa system will be much appreciated. But what to do with the $2,700 vaginal rejuvenation shot for the ladies or the $16,000 hair transplant for the men? And I don’t  even want to think about how awkward it would be to get saddled with $1,000 worth of weight loss supplements, his and hers Mace pepper spray guns and a face-to-face meeting with Boyz II Men. Not that there’s anything wrong with meeting Boyz II Men, they make such beautiful harmonies together. It’s just…what’s the point of the face-to-face meeting? What will they talk about? #oscarproblems [US Weekly]