Chelsea Handler Blasts New York Times For Gender Bias In Story About Late Night Hosts

  • “The only female host in late-night is Chelsea Handler, 38, on E!” This is how a New York Times article about Jimmy Fallon’s move to “The Tonight Show” references Handler — albeit in parentheses — in a paragraph with all the other male hosts of late-night. Handler has hosted “Chelsea Lately” for nearly seven years. “What bothered me was that when I was listed in a paragraph with the late-night hosts, I was the only name put in parentheses.,” Handler wrote in a blog post on The Huffington Post. “While much of the press has kindly acknowledged my contribution to the late-night landscape I feel over the years, several media outlets have marginalized my presence in the late-night game. I imagined my sustained on-air presence would eventually triumph over any possible gender biases.” What she said. [The Wrap, The Huffington Post]
  • Six women on their terrifying, infuriating encounters with abortion clinic protesters. [Cosmopolitan]
  • Arizona’s state legislature approved a bill that protects businesses who refuse service to gays because of their own religious beliefs [NPR].
  • Women outnumber men (by two!) in Berkeley’s introductory computer science course! [TechCrunch]
  • Feminist Twitter avatars! [The Hairpin]
  • How many of this year’s Oscar-nominated films pass the Bechdel test? [Washington Post]
  • The infamous “Baby M” case back in the 1980s made compensated surrogacy illegal in New York State. But now families, lead by gay couples, are pushing for surrogacy to be legal here. [New York Times]
  • “The Reid Report,” a new cable news show on MSNBC hosted by Joy Reid, who is Black, will debut on Monday at 2p.m. EST, right after Ronan Farrow’s new show. [The Root]
  • On how U.S. policy contributes to gendered violence in Mexico. [Feministing]
  • Michele Bachmann thinks there is not “a pent-up desire” for a female president. [Politico]
  • The way domestic abuse cases can be tried has changed for the positive for some Native American women. [NPR]
  • The U.S. does not rank highly in the first-ever global index of LGBT inclusion in the military. [Guardian UK]
  • On feminism, depravity and “House Of Cards.” [The Atlantic]

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