Awful Dentist Fondles Female Patient’s Boobs To Fix Her Crooked Teeth

A Japanese dentist has been arrested for performing a procedure on a patient that absolutely no one has ever heard of.  When the 20-something patient visited the the office for a routine exam, the 53-year-old dentist told the woman that her teeth were badly misaligned and that he could fix them by massaging the tight muscles in her chest. No braces or anything, just a little groping will do the trick! 

He then took her in an adjoining room and fondled her breasts. The patient reported that she “felt that something was amiss” and told her parents about the bizarre dental procedure. Sure enough, something was terribly amiss. Her teeth were still crooked and the dentist was charged with indecent assault. It sucks enough to have to go to the dentist and have your mouth poked and prodded. For anyone who’s wondering, dental work never includes any touching below the neck. [Rocket News]

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