This Is A $30,000 Vibrating Musical Waterbed (With Mood Lighting!)

The Tranquility Pod is here, and it’s kind of terrifying. This thing is not your standard waterbed, it’s a vibrating musical playground in your bed. The fiberglass pod, which looks like a scary spaceship, has a six-foot octagonal waterbed inside and LED “mood lighting” that moves in time with your pulse. The bed itself is temperature-controlled and covered in suede and memory foam. The best part? The bed’s 80-watt audio system includes a subwoofer in the bottom of the bed to make the sound waves move right through you. This could be a bachelor pad nightmare, or it could be the best sexytimes you’ve ever had. Hammacher Schlemmer, the company behind the creation, is only asking $30,000 for it. Can’t I just rent it for one nap? [Wired]