Poll: Would You Share Your Secrets On New Confessional App ‘Secret’?

A new, anonymous confessional app called ‘Secret’ is picking up steam in the social world, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

Here’s how it works: Users who download ‘Secret’ can upload images or plain backgrounds with text overlays sharing personal confessions or “secrets.” The app connects to your phone’s contacts and anonymously shares your secret with “your circle,” which includes your direct contacts or friends of friends who also have the app. If a “secret” is posted by someone more than 3 degrees away, it’s marked with a location stamp. 

This allows users to reveal daily, mundane musings from, “My boss is being a bitch today,” or “I just had sex in the coat closet,” to confessions of a more serious nature, like, “I want a divorce,” or “I just found out I have cancer.” According to ‘Secret,’ all messages are encrypted as to keep the poster completely anonymous. The app eliminates the guilt of having to keep a secret to yourself, allows us to be appropriately voyeuristic and, hey, we can express ourselves in a new way. 

The pitfalls? It’s easy to incriminate yourself by posting something with too much detail or a by sharing a photo that may reveal your identity. For example, if I post a secret that says “I’m quitting my job today,” with a photo that accidentally has my company logo in the background, people will put two and two together. Another problem is that this kind of app just begs for harassment and bullying: think secrets like “Kelly Jones is a whore who sleeps around,” and “Joe Smith is gay, but afraid to tell his parents.” There’s nothing to prevent people from actually calling out others by name. Especially for young kids who tend to gang up on each other, ‘Secret’ is the breeding ground for vicious bullying without the consequences. 

Sure, it would be cool to tell people that you just farted on the subway or share a photo of the engagement ring you just got (surprise!), but it’s all fun and games until your ex calls you out by name and says you gave him an STD. 

I’m torn. Take our poll below to let us know if you’re on board with ‘Secret’. Also, feel free to shoot @TheFrisky a tweet to let us know why you voted the way you did, and don’t forget to use the #ThisOrThat hashtag!