Most Of Us Won’t Live Long Enough To See Gender Parity Among Leaders

  • New findings show that gender parity among professional leadership roles apparently won’t happen for 71 years. Progress may be happening … but it’s happening sloooowly. [LA Times]
  • After clashes this week with police, which included being whipped and beaten, feminist punk band Pussy Riot released a new video today criticizing President Vladmir Putin and the Sochi Olympics. [Huffington Post]
  • Here’s NPR politics reporter Nina Totenberg reminiscing about being a female reporter in the 1970s. [ The Cut]
  • “Revenge porn” is harder to prosecute than we thought. [Gothamist]
  • Wesleyan University has responded to the Atlantic’s damning article about frat life and assault, stating “to make it clear: We believe it’s always wrong to blame survivors for their assaults, and we reject the implications to the contrary in the article.” [The Atlantic]
  • Here’s fashion designer Tory Burch on empowering female entrepreneurs and the challenges women face in the workplace. [Forbes]
  • Amnesty International is calling for a tougher fight against the “fallen womb” crisis in Nepal. [Reuters]
  • Women can be charged a lot more than men for longterm care insurance, and people are kind of sick of it. [Forbes]
  • What if women got rid of that damn “having it all” phrase altogether? [HuffPost Live]