Little Kids Reenact Oscar Best Picture Nominees, And I Want To Keep One

The Oscars are upon us, which means there’s a lot of chitter chatter around the water cooler about who’s going to take home the win for Best Picture. Actually there isn’t, but thanks to this adorable video of kids acting out scenes from each of the nominated movies, maybe there will be.

From “Captain Phillips” and “12 Years A Slave,” to “The Wolf Of Wall Street” and “American Hustle,” these little tater tots pretty much nailed it. Also, I should mention that I want to take one of them home to keep for myself. Right now it’s between the kid who plays little Solomon from “12 Years a Slave” and both of the astronauts from “Gravity.” I will report back shortly to let you know who I’ve chosen as my new child. [CineFix]