RIP Society: “Human Barbie” Blondie Bennett Gets Hypnosis To Make Herself More Stupid

“Human Barbies” are a sub-group of humanity who fascinate and horrify in equal measure. Of the many questionable life decisions of the Human Barbies — multiple plastic surgeries to look like the Mattel doll,  perfecting a vacant stare — this one takes the pink-frosted cake.

Blondie Bennett, a 38-year-old Human Barbie in California, claims she undergoes hypnosis every week to make herself more stupid. Er, more stupider. “I want people to see me as a plastic sex doll and being brainless is a big part of that,” she told the UK’s Mirror. “People can criticize me but this is who I am: I want my transformation to be head to toe, inside and out.”

Blondie was obsessed with Barbie as a child and worked in the past at toy stores as a Barbie impersonator. After feeling like she was living a “double life” for years, she finally decided to be a full-time Barbie. This means she has  had five boob job surgeries to attain her 32JJ breasts and a chin surgery to make her face look more angular and Mattel-like. She claims to be financially supported by Ken dolls “sugar daddies” who give her money in exchange for pictures of her dressed as Barbie.

She explained herself thusly:

“When people ask why I want to be Barbie I think ‘who wouldn’t want to be'” She has the best life. All she does is shop and make herself look pretty — she doesn’t worry about anything. I’ve had 20 session and I’m already starting to feel ditzy and confused all the time. Recently I went to pick a friend up at the airport and couldn’t remember if I needed to go to departures or arrivals. I also got lost for three hours driving to my mum’s house – the house where I grew up.”

Er … congratulations?

I don’t know the hypnotherapist ethics of making someone “more stupider.” That seems questionable. But a more pertinent question might be how Blondie can continue to function if she reaches her life goal of becoming “brainless.” Maybe she’s got a loyal Skipper or Ken who will turn off her gas burners, hide the sharp objects, and point her in the direction of the toilet. And hopefully that person will also point out to her that Barbie has enjoyed many intellectual careers throughout her lifetime, including a doctor and an astronaut.

HMMMM. Something tells me this whole story is as fake as her tits.

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