Street Style Spotlight: 25 Stylish Women Who Will Make You Reconsider Overalls

My signature look as a toddler — yes, I had a signature look at age 3 — was a striped shirt, Saltwater sandals and Osh-Kosh overalls. (Plus a sweet haphazard bowl cut that was rather Vidal Sassoon-esque.) I still love having my feet as free as possible, and stripes are a regular part of wardrobe, but I haven’t donned a pair of overalls since they had a very brief resurgence during the early ’90s. And now, suddenly, they are back again. I am always more inspired by regular ol’ fashionable women than magazine spreads and runway looks, so I hunted down a wealth of street style snaps that show how fun and versatile a pair of (adult) overalls can actually be.

What do you think? Would you attempt this trend or should overalls be left in the sandbox?