How To Put A Duvet On A Comforter: 8 Possible Tips & Tricks

Whatever day during childhood my parents taught me how to put a duvet on a comforter, I must have been off picking my nose. Or they never taught me at all. Yes, let’s blame my parents for my lack of domestic skills.

I’m almost 30 years old and terribly ashamed that I cannot completely make the bed by myself. No matter which method I try, my comforter always ends up haphazardly shoved inside the duvet, lumpy and irascible as if it’s sticking to itself on purpose. Invariably I get so frustrated that I give up and have long-depended on roommates and boyfriends to work their magic with my bedding. Or I just sleep under a lumpy comforter for several weeks and grouse about it.

Earlier this week, after trying and failing to make the bed after doing the laundry, I complained on Facebook and Twitter about not being able to get the duvet on the comforter properly. I appear to have tapped into a sore spot for many a failing househusband/housewife — man oh man, did people have a lot of tips/slightly questionable advice to share. Here’s what I heard: 

1. It’s a two-man job. Except I’ve seen lots of people do it by themselves, so maybe not really.

2. Lay the duvet flat first.  This tip comes straight from Amelia: once  your duvet is flat, pull in the comforter one corner at a time. She declined to schlep over to my apartment to do it for me, so I am doubtful on this one.

3. Turn the duvet inside out. This is what I tried to do and failed miserably. It was such a disaster that my husband came home and yelled, “WHAT DID YOU DO?!”

4. Climb inside the duvet.  Grab your comforter under one armpit and go on inside the duvet to try and flatten it out. Bonus: it’s like briefly playing inside a blanket fort!

5. Buy “clips.” Ami says, “My method is to get those clips at Bed Bath and Beyond and clip the top 2 corners to the inside of the duvet cover. Then pull and clip the bottom 2 corners. Then shake, shake shake. They are a game changer.” Duly noted. It also looks like you can use binder clips that you steal from your office.

6. Pay someone to do it for you. If you can afford to hire a cleaning person, you can ask them to do this in addition to the other household chores you’re too busy/lazy to handle. Or, you know, just pay your roommate.

7. Don’t use a duvet and just buy a new comforter every few months.  Costly? Yes. But apparently there’s good discounts for comforter’s on Groupon. I suspect big box stores like Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond and JC Penney likely have regular sales on bedding, too.

8. Just be gross and never wash your duvet again.  Don’t tell Mom.

Good luck!

[Image of a woman and a duvet via Shutterstock]