Everyone Is Mad At NBC For Making Olympic Medalist Bode Miller Cry

Yesterday was a big day for Alpine skier Bode Miller — he won the bronze medal in the Super-G competition at the Sochi Olympics, giving him six career Olympic medals, more than any other skier. It was also a bittersweet moment, as Bode’s brother Chelone “Chilly” Miller, who died last year from an apparent seizure, was on his mind. Interviewed post-race by NBC, Miller broke down in tears after the reporter, Christin Cooper, repeatedly asked him questions about Chilly, prompting many on Twitter to call out Cooper and NBC for being “insensitive.”

I don’t really take issue with Cooper’s line of questioning — Miller brought up his brother on his own. But once Miller broke down — to the point where he walked away from the reporter, knelt on the ground to gather himself, and then sought out his wife for comfort — the cameras really should have cut away and given the dude some privacy. Instead, they stayed on him and NBC chose to air this uncomfortable moment during their broadcast last night. Miller, for his part, tweeted that he wasn’t upset by the interview and doesn’t believe Cooper was “trying to cause pain.” [USA Today]