Eek: Woman Busted For Performing Unlicensed “Vampire Facelifts”

It’s scary how often nowadays you read about some quack getting arrested for performing plastic surgery procedures without a license. Usually, someone tries to do an at-home butt augmentation or a boob job. But some quacks think they’re skilled enough to mess around with other people’s blood. Take 45-year-old massage therapist Sandra Gonzalez of Long Beach, California: she was arrested last week when a client died in her beauty salon while getting an unspecified cosmetic injection.

Police soon learned that Gonzalez, a massage therapist, was offering all kinds of plastic surgery procedures that she was not actually licensed to do, such as lip plumping and ” vampire facelifts.” A vampire facelift is when your blood is withdrawn — it’s supposed to be done by, you know, a doctor —  and mixed with a cosmetic filler. Then it’s injected back into your face. Supposedly, the nonsurgical procedure reduces wrinkles and is considered “natural” because it involves your own blood. (Both Kim Kardashian and supermodel Bar Rafaeli have tried it — warning, both links are gross.) We say “EW” to vampire facelifts and EW EW EW to getting dangerous procedures performed by unlicensed wackadoodles. [Houston Chronicles] [Image of a vampire via Shutterstock]