Here’s Everything That’s Doesn’t Make Sense In “Dirty Dancing” Pointed Out In Less Than Eight Minutes

If you thought “Dirty Dancing” was just a feel good rom-com about summer romance, abortion and Patrick Swayze’s hot abs, you were wrong. It’s actually filled with 77 errors, inconsistencies and WTF-eries that we mostly never noticed before. This new video by CinemaCins counts them all up (in under eight minutes!). Why is Baby’s sister brushing her hair in the backseat of a car with the windows open? Why is the best place to practice lifts in the water? Why does Baby put on lipstick while she’s practicing her moves alone in the forest? Sorry to burst the bubble for all you “Dirty Dancing” fans out there, but it was about time you honestly asked yourself whether that party really needed three watermelons. [Laughing Squid]