Nice, Nice Baby: Vanilla Ice Is An Outstanding Citizen Of The Year

In addition starring in his own DIY reality show and creating a line of chandeliers and wall sconces, Vanilla Ice aka Rob Van Winkle, has been really busy being a stand-up citizen since his rap career fizzled. In fact, he’s been such an upstanding member of his hometown for the last decade, that The Chamber of Commerce in Wellington, Florida, has named him their Outstanding Citizen Of The Year. They’ve chosen Van Winkle to receive this town’s highest honor for  his “spirit of giving and dedication” to the village and his “wide open” heart. “He’s the ambassador of Wellington and a family man, puts kids in school here, among community, well-known, friendly,” said Wellington Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Michela Perillo-Green. Gone are his days of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle raps and clandestine shtups with Madonna. But seriously, word to his mother. He turned out real nice. [Broward/Palm Beach New Times]