The Rules For Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleaders Are Tragic

According to Lacey T, the a 27-year-old Oakland Raiders cheerleader who filed an unfair labor practices lawsuit on behalf of all the Raiderettes, there are some majorly screwed up and “illegal” demands placed on NFL cheerleaders. The fact  that Cincinnati Ben-Gal Alexa Brenneman has filed a similar lawsuit against her team for violating federal employment laws only seems to confirm that treating cheerleaders like underpaid (the lawsuit says cheerleaders in Cincinnati make $900 a season), undervalued objects is a common practice in the NFL. Below, some of the “rules” Brenneman claims she was forced to abide by — including  mandates  about “no panties, “slouchy breasts” and “scale weight.” Be prepared to be outraged. 

“No panties are to be worn under practice clothes or uniform, not even thong panties. Wear pantyhose to match skin tone (L’eggs). No Danskins/Dance type tights. No control top at practices or games. No exposed skin at ankles — pantyhose must extend down into socks.”

“No slouching breasts. Support as needed. Black or nude seamless bra mandatory for games. (No lace)”

“Scale weight is recorded twice per week. This data is collected to determine ideal weight.”

You are given a 3 lb leniency weight. (example- if your goal weight is 114, you are allowed to weigh in at 117 without being considered over)”

Weight is a constant evaluation process throughout the season your scale weight is taken into consideration along with overall body appearance to determine cheer eligibility.”

If you are over your 3 lb leniency weight, you will be required to stay 30 minutes after practice for extra conditioning. Additionally, at management’s discretion, you can/will be pulled from your position and possibly not considered for charity/paid events.”


[Photo from Shutterstock]