4 Sites With Free E-Cards For Valentine’s Day

Quick! It’s Valentine’s Day! If you are planning to run to CVS for a schmoopy card and a box of chocolates during your lunch hour, you are shit out of luck, my friends. That place is going to look like a tornado ripped through it. How about an e-card instead? How about a free e-card instead? You won’t look cheap, you’ll look thrifty. Here’s four different sites with diverse cards for all different types of relationships you have this Valentine’s Day. Send one to your mom! And your best friend! And me!

1. SomeECards: If I were doing a SomeECards commercial, I’d say “SomeECards is the premium e-card destination!” That’s mostly true, although it’s more true if your aim is to send a witty, snarky ecard to someone in half-seriousness. In other words, you probably won’t find an e-card for Grandma here, but you’ll definitely find ones for your three roommates and that girl you’ve been hooking up with for the past few week. Check out all the SomeECards Valentine’s Day Cards here.

2. Scarleteen: Scarleteen offers a delightfully inclusive range of e-cards for all sorts of untraditional but hella important relationship configurations. Open relationships? Poly family members? Friends-with benefits? Exes? Check, check, check and check. And while you’re at Scarleteen, make sure to check out their comprehensive, inclusive sex-positive sex ed information for teens and 20somethings. (You may even want to consider throwing the site a few bucks for support!) Check out all the Scarleteen Valentine’s Day e-cards here.

latina valentines

3. Latina: Ten out of 10 men will lose their shit if you send them a Valentine’s Day card that makes reference to “babies in our future.” Luckily, Latina magazine has several other Latin-focused  e-cards not involving diapers. One even has a shirtless William Levy. Yum, yum. Check out all of Latina magazine’s Valentine’s Day e-cards here.

care2 valentines day

4. Care2: Care2 isn’t necessarily the site you’d think to go to for Valentine’s Day: it’s primarily focused on using online media for activism, including petitions and  blogs. But it turns out the site has a huge selection of e-cards for Valentine’s Day (and about 20 other holidays) and some of them are ridiculously cute. Now excuse me while I go send one of my girl friends a card where a little mouse floats through the air holding a balloon. Check out all the Care2 Valentine’s Day e-cards here.

These are only four great sites with free Valentine’s Day cards, but there are plenty more across the Internet. (GeekSugar.com has got a pretty good roundup here.) Happy Valentine’s Day — and send your cards quick, before it looks like you forgot entirely!

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