North Carolina Teachers Rap “Ice Ice Baby” To Announce Snow Day

  • Why didn’t we ever have any teachers this willing to act like total dorks on the Internet? [YouTube]
  • Meanwhile, a little farther north, a college student learns the best way to handle not having a snow day off is to angrily tweet about it. [Gothamist]
  • A friend of Mia Farrow’s is blabbing to the Daily Mail about Woody Allen’s alleged inappropriate behavior towards his now-estranged daughter, Dylan, whom he has been accused of molesting. [Daily Mail UK]
  • They can’t be kept apart for long! Stefon will make some appearances on “Late Night With Seth Meyers.” [Splitsider]
  • Are female executives to blame for Hollywood’s unrealistic beauty norms? [Slate]
  • New couple alert: Ashley Olsen is dating “Moneyball” director, Bennett Miller. [US Weekly]
  • De La Soul will make its entire catalog available for free. [Rolling Stone]
  • Jim Parsons from “The Big Bang Theory” will host “Saturday Night Live” on March 1, with musical guest Beck. [TVline]
  • The time is ripe to buy sleazy domain names like [TMZ]
  • The plots of some young adult literature are created by people called “story architects,” who think up stories they think will sell. Not sure how I feel about this … [The Hairpin]
  • This man has a rare disorder where his body turns carbohydrates into pure alcohol. Scariness. [People]

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