Beauty Test Drive: The Body Shop Hair Chalk

When I was in middle school, I was totally that kid who used every holiday as an opportunity to spray-paint my hair with that temporary aerosol dye they sold at Halloween stores. St. Patricks Day? Green tips! Christmas? Red tips! It bled onto everything and left plenty of my favorite T-shirts covered in residual dye. But I thought I looked incredibly stylish.

When the hair chalk trend started to surface on my Pinterest feed, it seemed like the grown-up version of the spray I used to love. When The Body Shop sent us bright blue hair chalk, called Falling For Blue, it seemed like a good bet. I gave it a try and guess what? I loved it.

Price/Availability: $12, and Body Shop stores

Formula: This stuff is actual chalk. It has just about the same consistency as the stuff you played with on the sidewalk when you were little, albeit a bit finer. It still sheds just like regular chalk and becomes powdery. The instructions tell you to drape a towel over your shoulders before applying it and that’s for a good reason — if you’re not careful, you’ll get your clothes covered in blue flakes!

Application: The idea is that you’re supposed to hold a strand of hair with the color pad on one side and your thumb on the other as you slide it down to the tip. (This makes for some very blue fingers.) Afterwards, brushing through the hair helps get rid of some of the extra powder, but I still felt like I was one slip of the hand away from making a mess and covering my bathroom counter in this stuff. Just like when I used to do my own highlights in middle school, I got overzealous and started off with a chunk of hair that was way too big. Learn from my mistake: when you’re first starting, smaller pieces are the better way to go. You can always add more color if it looks too sparse when you’re finished.

Afterward application, the color can be sealed off with hairspray, which helps curb all that powder from shedding. The whole time I was wearing it, I was paranoid that it was shedding everywhere as I walked around. But once the color was sealed in that wasn’t the case. One of my bigger fears with any kind of hair color is that it will leave its mark, even if the label swears that it’s temporary. Thankfully, this wasn’t a problem. It took me a while to be sure I’d gotten it all out, and when I got out of the shower I could have sworn I still saw some blue in my wet hair, but it was all gone once it dried. Success!

Overall: On me, this stuff had the effect of “13-year-old Becky goes to Hot Topic for the first time,” but I think that mostly had to do with how heavily I applied it at first. For someone a bit more familiar with how to space out highlights well or how to strategically place hair dye, the chalk probably wouldn’t be too hard to use. It’s a style that, at least for me, would require the help of a YouTube tutorial in order to actually look intentional. The color is also very intense ‚ there’s no room for subtlety here. I think hair chalk is something you have to experiment and practice with a few times before wearing it on a night out. If you’re really into wearing colorful styles in your hair, it’s worth it!

Rating: 3.5/5