Found: A Comfortable, Cute, Supportive Sports Bra For DD Boobs

Last week, while contemplating the tattered, limp tangle of spandex and bent underwires that composed my current sports bra collection, I knew it was time to bite the bullet and go shopping for a new one. I have DD boobs, recently started jogging again, and these worn out bras just weren’t cutting it anymore.

For the past few years, I’d been pretty happy with my Moving Comfort Maia bra, which has an underwire and is very supportive. But somewhere along the way, the underwire got tweaked or my boobs changed shape or something, because the wires started digging into my skin on long runs. Like, sometimes I would take it off and have puncture wounds on my boobs. Totally traumatizing. I decided to explore some different styles from the Moving Comfort brand, hoping to find an equally supportive style with no underwire, and I found it: the Fiona sports bra. Here’s why it’s awesome.

It’s cute. The Fiona comes in a ton of fun, bright colors and in no way resembles a nursing bra (and trust me, most large-bust sports bras DO look like they were built for breastfeeding rather than jogging, or at the very least, breastfeeding while jogging). This is a bra I wouldn’t be ashamed to let peek out of my tank top a bit, which is good, because my tank tops tend to slip down a couple inches when I run.

No underwire. Now, again, this is a very personal preference. Underwires always provide more support and better shaping, but I’ve come to realize that I prefer no underwire, just for comfort’s sake. My boobs do bounce a little more than they did in the Maia, but I can definitely jog comfortably, with no risk of puncture wounds, and for me, that’s what matters.

The straps are adjustable in front. One of the most important variables in the quest for an effective sports bra is the length of the straps. Even the perfect sports bra won’t provide much support if the straps are too long, and will absolutely kill your neck and shoulders if the straps are too short. Most sports bras have straps that adjust in the back, which means a lot of taking it off and putting back on, or trying to reach behind your back to adjust them (and pulling a shoulder muscle), or begging your boyfriend to “pull the left strap up about 1/4 centimeter real quick” every time you put it on. Boo. The Fiona has velco straps on the front of the bra, allowing you to find the perfect length with ease.

It’s washer and dryer safe. The best thing about Fiona’s underwire-free design, besides the lack of boob puncture wounds? It means you can throw this bra right in the dryer after washing it. No waiting for it to line dry. No getting impatient and throwing on a damp sports bra and regretting it the instant you hit the treadmill. This bra is super easy to care for.

The price. This bra is $46. Not exactly cheap, but I’ve bought $80 sports bras that were much less effective, so I’m counting the under-$50 price as a win.

And a couple things that keep it from being completely perfect:

It’s only available up to size 44DD. Moving Comfort is known as a brand that is friendly to larger busts, and a part of me wishes they would just own that reputation even more and provide larger cup sizes. Women of every bust size deserve comfortable, supportive, cute sports bras that make them feel confident and excited to hit the gym or the trail.

That velcro strap adjustment. This is only a hunch at this point, but as much as I love the front-adjusting straps, I’m a little worried about how well that velcro is going to hold up, especially after many washes. Because if those straps were to give way while I was in the middle of a jumping jack at my crowded gym, well, I’ve had nightmares about less terrifying scenarios.

Overall, I’m pretty stoked to have discovered the Fiona, and definitely recommend it for women with C, D, and DD cups who are looking for a comfortable and supportive sports bra. Jog on, ladies, jog on.

[$46, Moving Comfort]