The Bacon Week Festival Has Arrived To Bring You All The Bacon-Flavored Toothpaste You’ll Ever Need

Atlantic City, New Jersey, has always been known as the place where your most impossible dreams can come true (or is that just me?), but this week’s Bacon Week Festival is taking the adventures to new heights. The festival is taking over the Tropicana Casino and Resort with goodies like bacon milkshakes, bacon toothpaste and and bacon-infused vodka.

For your Valentine’s Day needs, the festival includes bacon covered in chocolate and shaped like roses as well as — wait for it — bacon cupcakes. Let’s be real, that cupcake sounds like the highlight of the whole week. Attendee James Sanders did us the favor of explaining the layers of a satisfying bacon-chomping experience:

“You keep chewing it and chewing it, and the flavor comes out the more you chew on it … and then you get to the fat and that floods into your mouth. I just love it.”

Picturing fat flooding into my mouth isn’t exactly what I’d call enjoyable, but keep doing you man. I’m still waiting for a taste of that bacon cupcake. [NY Post]