Justin Bieber May Have Peed Inside His Jail Cell

  • Justin Bieber reportedly peed inside his jail cell after he was thrown in the Miami Beach clink for a DUI. Are we surprised? No! Especially not after that video came out of Justin peeing inside a mop bucket in a restaurant kitchen. Dude loves to pee in public. [TMZ]
  • Grace Coddington pretty much confirmed Kim Kardashian will cover Vogue. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Attention-starved Shia LaBeouf will be part of a Los Angeles art exhibit called “#IAMSORRY,” a public apology “collaborative project.” Whatever that means. Siiiiigh. [TIME]
  • Julia Roberts cancelled upcoming public appearances following her sister’s death this weekend from a drug overdose. [US Weekly]
  • What does your Olympic crush say about you? [Vanity Fair]
  • Bridget Jones scribe Helen Fielding has written up a single girls’ playlist just for you. [People]
  • Police uncovered diaries inside the late Philip Seymour Hoffman’s New York City apartment in which he wrote about drug deals, Narcotics Anonymous meetings, and rehab. [Daily Mail UK]
  • E.J. Johnson, out-and-proud son of basketball player Magic Johnson,  is the only thing that makes “#Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills” even slightly watchable. [ColorLines]
  • Will you kindly please stop having sympathy sex? It does no one any good. [Nerve]
  • Your baby needs a chestburster onesie a la “Alien.” [The Mary Sue]
  • Taylor Lautner is replacing Andy Samberg on the second season of the BBC sitcom, “Cuckoo.” Wait, is Taylor funny? [People]
  • Halle Berry’s five-month-old son Maceo Is. The. Cutest. Look at those cheeks! [Daily Mail UK]

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