Dumplings, Baby Thighs, & Sweetbreads: Re-Naming 10 Of The Most Underrated Male Body Parts

The penis, the lips, the eyes, the ass, and the rippling torsos are just a few male body parts that we’re supposed to be attracted to. And we are. Wildly. But there are other lesser known, lesser worshipped body parts that deserve just as much fanfare. For example: his dumplings and pectoral flipper. Yes, we swear we’re talking about human men. Below are 10 very sexy, very underrated guy parts that you should get familiar with, if you aren’t already, along with their new names that we’d like to officially submit into the popular lexicon.

1. Dumplings: A nice, round dude ass is everything. But the place where the upper thigh and the bum meets forms a giant soup dumpling that you just want to stick your chopsticks in.

2. Baby Thighs: Not to infantilize a grown ass man, but playing with that chubby meat surrounding his otherwise well-muscled thighs is more exhilarating than pinching baby fat rolls.

3. Sweetbreads: A guy’s soft neck meat is a true delicacy, ideal for licking and playfully biting during sex.

4. Guttle: Derived from the term “wattle,” a man’s guttle is the bit of skin just under his chin. So fun to squeeze.

5. Pectoral Flipper: If your man were an orca whale, he’d have a flipper in that space between his armpit and his rib cage. It’s OK to pretend.

6. Muscle Loafs: We can’t get enough of the hard block of calf muscle that every guy — no matter how out of shape — seems to possess.

7. Biscuit Basket: The little mound between the belly and the junk is traditionally known as the pudenda, but we prefer to think of it as the place where all those breakfast biscuits live.

8. Undercarriage: The crevice between the ballsack and the butthole that barely sees the light of day is desperate for attention. And so worthy of some spelunking.

9. Lazy Susan: The anatomical term for this area below the rib cage is the xiphoid process, but we prefer to think of it as a round, spinning disc of firm, sexy torso.

10. Gummy Peaches: A guy’s soft, detached earlobe is chewy, sweet, and totally addictive — just like its namesake candy.

[Photo from Shutterstock]