14 Days Of Dating, Day 11: Create Your Own Movie Voiceovers

Cupid is a-comin’, and we’re counting down the days ‘til that fat, little cherub arrives. But until then, kick your relationship up a notch with these unique date ideas for you and your boo (or your friends…we don’t discriminate). A date a day, and your romance shall stay!

Adventure Level: 3 out of 5

Price: Free- $5

Low on cash and looking for something unique to do with your SO for V-Day? Rent a movie, put that bad boy on mute and create your own hilarious voiceovers. Show off your comedy chops and see if your date is willing to get a little bit silly with you. Best for longtime couples who aren’t afraid of making asses out of themselves and who are also comfortable watching a movie together at home, we suggest classic rom-coms like “Dirty Dancing,” “You’ve Got Mail,” and other flicks with two main characters. May we also suggest drinks to take the edge off?