WTF: Copenhagen Zoo Kills Giraffe, Feeds Him To The Lions

One of the hazards of being an animal lover is how frequently I forget the ways of the Animal Kingdom: many animals eat other animals. Yes, even the cute ones. Such is the fate of Marius, a two-year-old giraffe at the Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark. Deemed a “surplus” giraffe by zookeepers, on Sunday, young Marius was shot with a pistol and then fed to the zoo’s carnivores.

Zookeepers explained Marius was healthy, but “genetically too similar” to other giraffes and had to be eliminated to prevent inbreeding. Giraffe birth control was also not an option, as it adversely affects the animals’ organs.

Critics said that Marius didn’t need to be killed: a private buyer offered to buy the giraffe and the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in England also offered to give Marius a home.

Nevertheless, Marius was shot with a pistol and had a public autopsy performed in front of a crowd. Then the giraffe was skinned and fed to lions, tigers and leopards at the same zoo. Now employees at the zoo are receiving death threats.

Just another reason that I love pandas: bamboo can’t feel any pain.

[Daily Mail UK]

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[Image of giraffe via Shutterstock]