RIP Society: Youngsters Are Taking “Selfies With Homeless People”

If you thought “funeral selfies” and “selfies with cadavers” were tacky, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Some young people assholes are taking selfies with homeless people. 

Directs us to the Tumblr blog Selfies With Homeless People, which is collected by Jason Feifer, an editor at Fast Company. He seems to have found his images, like the one below, by searching the tags #HomelessGuy and #HomelessDude on Instagram — where, come to find out, there’s a ridiculous number of photos depicting young people posing with folks they say are homeless.

homeless selfies main

It’s not possible to tell whether all the people in the photos are actually homeless or whether they’ve just passed out someplace (public transit, for instance) for other reasons. It’s clear the photographers just thought some of their subjects look homeless (such as a couple older, bearded men who posed for selfies with girls). Really, that adds another layer of offensiveness: the criteria for being deemed homeless is based primarily on their appearance. You can’t tell someone’s housing status based on what they look like, assholes.

What’s wrong with America that young adults have so little compassion for others that when they see a person they think is homeless, their first instinct is to pose with a thumb’s up?

[Business Insider via Selfies With Homeless People]

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[Image via Selfies With Homeless People]