Lean In & Getty Team Up For More Feminist Stock Photography

  • Getty Images is teaming up with LeanIn.org, the nonprofit run by Sheryl Sandberg, to improve the types of images of women and families available in stock photography. THANK GOD. You have no idea how frustrating it is to try to illustrate a blog post about abortion with nothing but coat hangers or bloody fetus photos to choose from.  [New York Times, NYmag.com The Cut]
  • The two members of Pussy Riot who were recently released from prison and appeared at a concert hosted by Amnesty International suggested the next item on the agenda may be running for the Moscow city parliament. [AP]
  • Casey Stoney, the captain of  England’s Arsenal Ladies soccer team, has spoken out publicly for the first time that she’s a lesbian. [BBC]
  • Five other ways to interpret The New York Times Magazine’s article on how an “egalitarian marriage” can adversely impact sex.  [Feministing]
  • The Justice Department is getting with the gay rights’ program. [Guardian UK]
  • Thousands of Spaniards marched on Saturday to protest new abortion restrictions. [Al-Jazeera]
  • The UK’s education secretary has agreed to meet with a teen girl who is advocating for more information about female genital mutilation (FGM) to be taught in British schools. [Guardian UK]
  • A report by Human Rights Watch found that sex workers in China are physically abused, extorted and sent to “re-education camps” by police during crackdowns on prostitution. [BBC]
  • Meet Zahra Lari, an 18-year-old Muslim figure skater from the United Arab Emirates who skates wearing a hijab veil. [Colorlines]
  • The UK’s Observer magazine is doing a series on the experiences of female politicians around the world. [Guardian UK]
  • Anne Heyman, a former lawyer to raised millions of dollars to build housing for orphaned children of genocide in Rwanda, died at age 52. [New York Times]

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