Beauty Test Drive: LORAC’s Take A Brow Kit

Some women never leave the house without lipstick. I never leave the house without eyebrows. Many assumed my eyebrows are so sparse because of over-plucking, but in reality they just never grew in.  This is it. Some women (like Whoopi Goldberg) simply go without and others (like Miley Cyrus) conceal them. I like to fill them Elizabeth Taylor-style.  Eyebrows are not only essential to facial expressions; they enhance every look from natural to bold.


Although I have tried brow pencils, I find powder brow kits to be far more forgiving. With a pencil in hand, it is tempting to re-create an eyebrow. Those who get carried away often look like shocked cartoon characters. With a pressed powder kit, you simply fill in your existing eyebrows for a bolder version of your natural shape. My go-to is LORAC’s Take A Brow kit.

Price/Availability: $22, LORAC

Formula/Application: The LORAC Take A Brow kit comes in four different color combinations, each with two brow shades, a sealing wax, and a small hard angled brush. Using the angled brush, I alternated between the two brow shades, applying the colors with short strokes over my eyebrow. I’ve found the key is to stay in the lines and add more color as you go.  Don’t venture too far outside of your current eyebrow shape. If you apply too much, simply wipe with a dry tissue to lighten the powder. With one stroke, I defined the tail at the outer edge. Then I used my finger to gently stroke the brow in the direction of hair growth. This sealed in the powder and tamed any stray hairs.

Overall: There are a few other brow kits available, but I always find myself coming back to Lorac’s Take A Brow. It works well on blondes who would like to darken their brows and those of us blessed with sparse eyebrows who need to fill things in in a way that still looks natural.

Rating: 5/5