14 Days Of Dating, Day 10: Get Buzzed On A Booze Cruise

Cupid is a-comin’, and we’re counting down the days ‘til that fat, little cherub arrives. But until then, kick your relationship up a notch with these unique date ideas for you and your boo (or your friends…we don’t discriminate). A date a day, and your romance shall stay!

Adventure Level: 3 out of 5

Price: $50-100

Beyoncé had the right idea with that whole “Drunk In Love,” thing, so you should probably sail away on a booze cruise this Valentine’s Day if you know what’s good for you. Hit the open water with your honey, some strong drinks and great tunes for a night of fun “together time.” Obviously it’s February, so you’ll need to be in the right location (although a hot tub with drinks works well, too). For our Frisky fans in Miami, this Valentine’s Day Cruise from Island Queen Cruises includes unlimited beer, wine and champagne, a chocolate fountain and DJ for only $49 per/person. You’re welcome.