This “True Love Tester” Bra Will Only Unhook If He’s The One

Ravijour, a Japanese lingerie brand, has created a bra that only unlocks when its wearer is in true love. I can’t make this stuff up. The bra, called the True Love Tester, “protects” you from players at the bar or from moving too fast with someone you don’t totally like. Essentially, it’s a purity bra. No fun allowed unless he’s the one, otherwise, that lingerie stays put. Sure, it’s questionable on an ideological level (what’s wrong with hooking up with people you’re not in love with?), but it’s also practically rocket science.

The Tokyo-based brand teamed up with fancy engineers to make the bra possible. The True Love Tester employs sensors inside the cup that send a wireless signal to a bluetooth-like device to determine whether you’re really into the guy you’re about t0 hook up with. Those sensors measure the speed and pattern of the wearer’s heartbeat.

Apparently, it has the ability to distinguish between the kind of increased heart rate that comes from, say, using the elliptical and the kind the comes from love. The bra also is also able to tell whether you just have flirtatious feelings for someone or have a deeper attraction to them. As the fabulous promotional video shows, the bra’s main goal, is to stop you from sexcapades you might regret in the morning.

When the bra’s wearer meets someones she likes, her heart rate will increase and the bra’s front clasp will glow pink (will the pink shine through her close? Imagine that at the club.) When it reaches a threshold of “true love,” the clasp pops open – presumably, even if you aren’t in the bedroom at that moment. If you’re sitting at the dinner table when you at least reach the point of true love, does the bra open right there? I kind of hope so. Tragically, the bra isn’t actually for sale. It’s part of Ravijour’s 10-year anniversary publicity campaign.

[Totally Tanja]