Saudi University Lets Female Student Die Of Heart Attack Rather Than Allow Male Paramedics On Campus

  • A female student who suffered a heart attack at the all-women’s campus of King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, died because officials would not allow the male paramedics to reach her. Amna Bawazeer was not “covered,” officials said, and men are not permitted on the women’s campus. Some students on the campus are extremely angry, saying that even though the university strictly follows Islam it should have shown more compassion in an medical emergency. [Gulf News]
  • A new Afghanistan law about violence against women is fuuuucked. [Guardian UK]
  • Look! An invite-only conference full of celebs and CEOs that’s snubbing labor unions is planning to “reset the agenda for women in the workplace.” Why can’t folks just network at the Four Seasons bar instead? [Washington Monthly]
  • Women in Tokyo are threatening a “sex strike” to any man who votes for a politician who once said menstruation makes women unfit for positions in government. [Guardian UK]
  • NPR host Dee Dee Bridgewater of “JazzSet” speaks out publicly about an illegal abortion she had in 1968. [Clutch Magazine]
  • On Felicia Day, short hair and sexism. [Daily Dot]
  • Sports reporter Erin Anders speaks up about the double standard against female sports journalists. [ELLE]

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