Better Start Saving: Dating Costs $738.36 A Year

According to’s annual survey of 5,000 singles ages 18 and up, the average cost for a year of dating is $738.36, that breaks down to $61.53 a month.That amount includes money spent on dates or to find dates. Here’s roughly how that breaks down…

The cost of an Italian dinner hastily eaten when he told you “he’s writing a book for young people about how to live,” the price of two drinks pounded after he made a rape joke, the money spent on tickets to that play he chose about the woman who was dying of cancer, the annual membership to the online dating site that brought these awful men into your life, the expense of a matchmaker who thought you’d be a “great match” with a guy who was old enough to be your father and the price of two sessions with a dating coach who told you how “greasy” you look in your pictures and suggested you get professional head shots. That’s $738.36 spent on a year that made you feel like you’d die a hopeless, leper spinster. Going on one date so great that you never have to go on another one ever again: Priceless.[USA Today]

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