Paris Hilton Won $50,000 At The Casino This Weekend, Because Life Is Unfair

In case you’d like to feel especially crappy about the unfairness that is life today, I’d like to let you know that Paris Hilton got even richer on vacation last weekend (wait, isn’t her whole life a vacation?). It figures that the one of the few people to score big at the casino is someone who doesn’t need it, but maybe that’s what comes with the luxury of being able to bet endless amounts of money. The heiress alerted her Instagram followers that she won $50,000 playing blackjack in Atlantic City (I’m sure they were on the edge of their seats at the news). Oh, and was paid $100,000 for DJing gig there. At least she earned that DJ money by working for it. Sort of. Keep doing you, Paris. [Huffington Post]