Stephen King Tweets About “Element Of Palpable Bitchery” In Post About Dylan Farrow’s Accusations

  • Yesterday, the writer Mary Karr tweeted a (fantastic) blog post from The New Inquiry about the sexual abuse accusations against Woody Allen by his daughter, Dylan Farrow. The piece addresses the assumption that Dylan is lying about the abuse she suffered, as if it’s part of a conspiracy to harm Allen’s “good name.”  In response to Karr’s tweet, Stephen King replied, “Boy, I’m stumped on that one. I don’t like to think it’s true, and there’s an element of palpable bitchery there, but …” He later tweeted, “Have no opinion on the accusations; hope they’re not true. Probably used to wrong word” and then “Still learning my way around this thing. Mercy, please.” [The Daily Dot]
  • Barbara Walters has also rushed to Woody Allen’s defense, telling “The View” that she doesn’t “know about Dylan” but “I can only tell you what I have seen now. … He’s a loving, caring father. I think that has to be said.” [US Weekly]
  • Meanwhile, Woody Allen’s lawyer hit up the “Today” show to allege that his ex Mia Farrow has brainwashed her children into believing he sexually abused Dylan. [TMZ]
  • Justin Bieber scoured New York City for private pools on Saturday night so he could conduct a “baptism.” He was unable to find one to use and also IT IS JANUARY. [Page Six]
  • Also, Bieber is rockin’ the Homeland Security’s watch list due to his two ongoing criminal cases. Have fun at airports from now on, buddy.  [TMZ]
  • A judge refused to send Chris Brown to jail on Monday, opting instead to keep him in an in-patient rehab program. Sigh. [People]
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman, who died this weekend of a drug overdose, reportedly openly identified himself as “a heroin addict” to a stranger at the Sundance Film Festival. He also had warned friends that his addiction to heroin was so bad that he was afraid it was going to kill him, [Page Six, TMZ]
  • Justin Theroux, a good friend of Hoffman’s, was seen leaving the apartment where his longtime partner and their three children lived. [US Weekly]
  • One of the transgender models from Barney’s new campaign speaks up about modeling while trans. [Posture Magazine]
  • “Gossip Girl” star Jessica Szhor is back together with NFL Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. [US Weekly]

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